10 Bollywood Movies That Were Never Hit The Silver Screen

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  Did you Know?   10 Bollywood Movies That Never Hit The Silver Screen

10 Bollywood Movies That Never Hit The Silver Screen

There are some Bollywood movies that never got released on the silver screen. They never got to see the light of the day because of certain issues including censor board and wrong timing. Several movies were announced but they, unfortunately, they never got released.
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Unreleased Movies
  Unreleased Movies

Tucked away in film vaults and anonymous battered tin cans lie spools of film nostalgia, lost performances, and incomplete movie history.  Here is a list of top 8 Bollywood movies that never released in theatres.

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#1 Dus (1996): Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt played the role of army officers in this movie and the production was based for it to be a techno-savvy action movie. However, with the sudden death of the director Mukul Anand, this movie never got around to completion.


#2 Paanch (2001): This movie was heavy on violence and abuse. The Censor Board frowned at the violence. Debutant director Anurag Kashyap refused to budge, but the producers finally lost interest.


#3 Time Machine (1992): A fiction and science-based movie that takes characters back to the future and had Aamir Khan, Raveena Tandon and Naseeruddin Shah in the lead roles. It was shot for 75 percent to completion when director Shekar Kapur decided to leave for Hollywood.

Time Machine

#4 Khabardar (1984): Anand with a subtle touch of Whose Life Is It Anyway was the plot of this never released movie. This euthanasia-themed film had Bachchan as the doctor and Kamal Haasan as the terminally ill person. Producers pulled the plug fearing controversy.


#5 Yaar Meri Zindagi (1971): The longest delayed film of all time, 35 years. The movie started before everyone got to see Sr. Bachchan as the angry young man. So now you know how long ago this movie was started. It is currently gathering dust. Directed by Mukul Dutt, it also starred Shatrughan Sinha who managed to “Khamosh” the film off!.


#6 Deva (1987): The two giants of the 80s: Amitabh and Subhash Ghai came together to create a magnum opus called Devaa. But when two such giants try to collaborate, they are bound to hit head on first and that’s exactly what happened. The movie was shut down after 1 week of shooting!


#7 Zameen (1988): Ramesh Sippy's magnum opus with Vinod Khanna, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi. Nearly half of this feudal epic was shot on a multi-crore set in Film City before it came to a halt after the producer ran out of finance.


#8 Kalinga (1991): Dilip Kumar's directorial debut about an upright judge and his wayward sons. Two years and the film was still unfinished. Producer Sudhakar Bokade figured the perfectionist thespian would take forever to finish the film.


#9 Indian (1997): Sunny Deol in twin roles-a terrorist and an army officer. Producer Pahlaj Nihalani splurged Rs 4.5 crore, including Rs 1.75 crore on canning a song sequence with the lead pair, Deol, and Aishwarya Rai.


#10 Kamastura in 3D (2013): The only reason this movie ever got all the attention was that it had Sherlyn Chopra in a censored role. However, this movie never got around to making it to the 3D screen as the Indian Censor Board wasn’t ready for it. Considering the bold scenes and drug abuse scenes shown in the movie.

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