Jhankaar Beats: Then and now after 15 years of its release.!!!

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  Nostalgia   Jhankaar Beats: Then and now after 15 years of its release.!!

Jhankaar Beats: Then and now after 15 years of its release.!!

Jhankaar Beats was made as a tribute to genius R.D. Burman and gave us brilliant musical duo, Vishal-Shekhar. From putting a smile on our faces with 'Tera Muskurana' to speaking to our hearts with 'Suno Na' to romancing our soul with 'Tu Aashiqui Hai', the songs made us fall in love with life..!
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Jhankaar Beats
  Jhankaar Beats

The film's characters were the urban youth, the ones who had moved away from the 9-5 work culture. Their language was colloquial, a comfortable mix of English and Hindi, and their lifestyle was much more liberal that what they had grown up seeing. Most importantly, their music taste was not defined by what was trendy or cool. If it was good, they'd listen to it!.Sanjay Suri and Rahul Bose were perfectly cast in the movie that spoke to the generation that believed in their ethos.
Jhankaar Beats

Jhankaar Beats came at a time when every possible old Hindi song was being remixed. The soulful music of the movie was just BEAUTIFUL. Many of us must be still crooning “Tu hain Aasman mein”song .Or the evergreen “Suno na” whose lyrics remind you of your crushes. KK did a solid job in making these songs part of classics and a note of gratitude here to the genius music director duo Vishal-Sekhar.

The film did not create history at the time but with time has grown a cult following. The film was probably a little ahead of its time but it significantly contributed to the revolution that was slowly stirring in Hindi cinema.The film from 2003 can be viewed in 2018 and nobody would guess that a film with such urban sensibilities was made more than a decade ago.


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