‘Rangeela Raja’ Trailer: Govinda Joins Mentor Pahlaj Nihalani's Production

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  Upcoming   ‘Rangeela Raja’ Trailer: Govinda Joins Mentor Pahlaj Nihalani's Production

‘Rangeela Raja’ Trailer: Govinda Joins Mentor Pahlaj Nihalani's Production

The former censor board chief has written and produced the comedy. Rangeela Raja has a hangover of the 90's and which is seen in the trailer
Oct 18, 2018, 12:43 pm ISTUpcomingJhakaasMovies Staff
Rangeela Raja
  Rangeela Raja

Pahlaj Nihalani reminds us of his role in propelling Govinda to stardom in the trailer of his upcoming film Rangeela Raja. Govinda has starred in Nihalani’s hits Ilzaam (1986), Shola aur Shabnam (1992) and Aankhen (1993), and he has a double role in Rangeela Raja. The November 16 release has been written and produced by Nihalani and directed by Sikander Bharti.

Govinda plays twin brothers, one a wealthy and philandering businessman surrounded by women half his age and the other a pious man of religion. In keeping with Nihalani’s claims of having set Indian society on the path of righteousness and morality during his short-lived stint as the Central Board of Film Certification chairperson, Rangeela Raja recommends a course correction for its colourful leading man. The cast includes Shakti Kapoor.

The movie is about two twin brothers Raja and Yogi, both of it played by Govinda. While the former is a big-time casanova and a playboy despite being married (to a girl who could easily be passed as his grand daughter) the latter is one who has taken celibacy. The movie revolves around Raja's shenanigans with the chicks, while Yogi and his sister-in-law try to get him back on track.  We all have loved Govinda playing female characters on screen and Govinda's drag avatar looks impressive. Hopefully, the movie turns out to be a complete gamechanger when it hits the screens. The movie releases on November 16.

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